VIZIO has saved over 305 million pounds of electronics from landfills.

We strongly believe in helping to protect our environment. We support over 1,000 permanent electronic waste collection sites in the US and we are committed to sending used electronics to third-party certified recyclers.

bar graph of total electronics diverted from landfills (lbs) starting from 2014 at under 100,000,00lbs to 2020 at 300,000,000lbs

Key Performance Values

  • Collection network with ERI supports over 3,500 collection sites across the US
  • We provide recycling opportunities to 100% of our US based end users through either permanent collection sites, collection events, and mail back.
  • Our e-waste recycling program supports the creation of over 1,000 jobs in the circular economy.
  • For program year 2020, our e-waste recycling efforts resulted in the equivalent of removing the annual emissions from 10,230 passenger vehicles or conserving 5.42 million gallons of gasoline (source: EPA Waste Reduction Model WARM Version 15 - Nov 2020)
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Achieving Gold Tier in the EPA SMM Challenge

VIZIO is proud to have participated in the EPA Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) Challenge since 2016, reaching the Gold Tier Award Level in 2019.

What is the EPA SMM Challenge?

In order to participate in the SMM challenge Gold Tier, companies must complete the following:

  1. Send at least 95% of all used electronics collected to a third-party certified recycler by the end of the baseline year of participation in the SMM Electronics Challenge.

  2. Provide a detailed explanation of the final destination of the electronics sent to non-certified vendors.

  3. Strive to send 100 percent of used electronics collected from all collection streams (e.g., consumer, warranty and return, business-to-business and internal equipment) to recyclers or refurbishers that have been certified to a recognized third-party certification program no later than the third year of participation.

  4. Submit baseline data within six months of registration.

  5. Increase the total amount of used electronics collected for reuse and recycling from the previous baseline or annual total. If an increase was not possible, explain why not.

  6. Provide for policies that favor recycling and reuse of electronic equipment and/or components as opposed to energy recovery, incineration, or land disposal.

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What does VIZIO report to the EPA?

  1. Total amount collected for reuse and recycling (including consumer, warranty and return, business-to-business and internal equipment, and electronics collected and/or purchased to meet state take back laws)

  2. Percentage of total amount collected sent to third party certified recyclers.

  3. Report the total weight of electronics collected in states with take-back laws (including CA, MA, etc.) specifically collected to meet state Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) laws.

  4. Report the additional weight of used electronics collected for reuse and recycling in states with take-back laws above the amount required by the states.

  5. Report the total amount of used electronics collected for reuse and recycling in states without takeback laws.

  6. Report the weight of electronics collected, but not attributable to a specific state (ex: collected by mail-back program, regional agreement, or other method that does not allow tracking).

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View EPA SMM Challenge Recycling Reports:

Elected to e-Stewards Leadership Council

VIZIO is proud to be an e-Stewards Enterprise Organization.

Since 2019, VIZIO has been serving as a member of the e-Stewards Leadership Council. e-Stewards certified electronic waste recyclers go through a rigorous third-party auditing program designed to promote best practices for environmental protection and ensuring electronic waste isn’t exported to developing nations.

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Our Commitment to You

VIZIO was one of the first companies to create mercury-free TVs and believe in continuing to explore ways to develop eco-friendly products for our consumers.