Partner Release: VIZIO Dares You To “Watch us” In New Campaign That Tunes Into the Next Evolution of the Brand


—    In First AOR Work by David&Goliath, the Campaign Unveils VIZIO’s Commitment to Elevating the Entertainment Experience --


EL SEGUNDO, CA. December 1, 2023 – Is it possible to have streaming, but faster? Sound, but fuller? Home entertainment, but on a grander scale? VIZIO answers this with a resounding: “Watch us”. In its new brand campaign unveiled today, in partnership with David&Goliath (D&G), VIZIO is not just redefining the entertainment landscape— they are ushering a new era of Smart TVs and soundbars with exciting innovations on the horizon. “Watch us” is a declaration of evolution and brand transformation that promises consumers an elevated home entertainment experience that goes beyond the conventional.


“Watch us” marks a significant shift in VIZIO’s brand strategy as a leader in the Smart TV and soundbar categories, where innovation meets consumer-centric design. With the campaign launch, VIZIO showcases its commitment to reimagining how families interact with entertainment— turning every living room into a hub of digital delight and connectivity.  


“Given our extensive history in product development and our deep relationship with our customers, we find ourselves in a unique position to infuse innovation, personality, and emotion into the connection that people have with their TVs”, said Kaitlyn Collins, Vice President of Marketing at VIZIO. “We’re not just selling a product, we’re enhancing the impact we have on consumers’ lives by offering a best-in-class entertainment experience from a brand that people know, love, and trust. We’re thrilled to share this exciting next chapter of VIZIO’s brand story.”


One core component of VIZIO’s campaign is a :60 spot [LINK HERE], the first in a decade, which showcases how VIZIO can change the way we see the world —through two very unlikely characters. In the opening of the spot, we watch a bushy-tailed figure coming home from work with a briefcase in tow. As the frame widens, it reveals a human-sized raccoon on a mission. From setting the vibe to setting the table with a VIZIO remote in hand, he clicks on his favorite music app to play a mood-setting song, learn to sauté the perfect meal, and even set up a romantic dinner for a certain female companion. After dinner, as they cozy up watching their vacation album on the big screen through the VIZIOgram app, music swells, and they lean in for a kiss. But the moment is lost with the sound of something hitting the glass. In a fun plot-twist, we see two raccoons sitting on a windowsill peering into the home, imagining what their world would look like if they were living the lives of the couple inside. It’s about changing the way you see the world — a concept that’s embedded within the VIZIO’s brand.


“‘Watch us’ is not just the new tagline for VIZIO, it’s the brand’s new ethos— giving people more and more reasons to not only watch them, but shifting the way they see the brand and its place in the entertainment landscape,” said David Angelo, Founder and Creative Chairman of D&G. “We’re so excited to have developed this new approach and narrative with VIZIO that transcends the ordinary, turning the act of watching TV and listening to sound into an invitation to imagine, engage and be a part of something bigger. ‘Watch us’ is where VIZIO’s challenger spirit and the consumer’s imagination meet.” 


The campaign dawns a complete rebrand, including a new look-and-feel that incorporates a modern “V-motif” graphic across all mediums—from print, to digital, to the website, to broadcast, social, and beyond. The newly developed mnemonic for VIZIO draws the viewer in through the “V-motif,” landing on the VIZIO logo and “Watch us” tagline. Additionally, the launch work also seeds a manifesto from the brand, showing VIZIO’s commitment to innovation and elevating the entertainment experience to an entirely new level. 


Additional campaign elements include a :30 spot, :15 spots, and various social assets running on network and cable TV, paid digital, paid social and VIZIO owned and operated channel and brand assets — all to help illustrate that VIZIO sees the world in a unique way, and invites consumers to do the same and to be along for the ride. 


But this is just the beginning of what is to come with VIZIO. All you have to do is “Watch us” to see what happens next. 



Credits – 

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